The Bounty

So make us happy and get your bounty reward.

For your bounty activities you could get between 5,000 and 50,000 AlpenCash. But you must take us to yodel. We look closely at your activities, evaluate them strictly. If we like what we see, we will send Tokens.
There is no obligation for the team of AlpenCash to get up earlier than usual just to send any Tokens to someone.
The bounty campaign continues until there are no Tokens left. After that … you know … Yodelling

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How to add AlpenCash (ALPC) to your supported Ethereum wallet*

1st Step – Login to your supported Ethereum wallet*
2nd Step – click “Add Token”
3rd Step – write in oder copy and paste the contractadress
4th Step – write in token symbol – ALPC
5th Step – write in decimals – 0
6th Step – click “save”

Well done. That´s it.

Get your bounty reward.

Send us your bounty request and a survey of your activities. After review, we will send your reward within 48 hours. Otherwise we are once again yodeling. Then it takes a little longer. But the reward comes.

This form must be completed in English please.

Please describe your well done bounty activities for AlpenCash. Add links to your blog, website, YouTube channel or social media pages. Perhaps you translated this site in swaheli or chinese. Great - AlpenCash-community need all these works.
Don´t forget. Please use hashtags #alpencash #yodl in your activities.

I understand and accept the terms of participation.